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Classmate Contact Information

Home of The Brainerd Warriors
Updated February 28, 2023

Graduation article in Bainerd Dispatch
Brainerd Daily Dispatch Article published May 27, 1970

Commencement Program Side 1
Commencement Program Side 1

Commencement Program Side 2
Commencement Program Side 2

Program kindly provided by
Barbara (Hartley) Marohn

Here you will hopefully find information about each and every one of our classmates.

Harley Ellis has gathered the names of not only the classmates listed in the 1970 yearbook, but also those missing in that yearbook but present in the 1968 or 1969 editions.

439 classmates are listed in the 1970 yearbook (432 graduated on May 28, 1970) and another 97 are included from earlier yearbooks or recalled from 9th grade.

Those not present in the 1970 yearbook will have a note giving the yearbook and page number for their latest picture, if any.

Please send any information updates and comments to Harley Ellis via <> or send a message via facebook (you need to have a facebook account to do that).


Brainerd High School Class of 1970 on Classmates.Com


(Facebook has eliminated the old method of grouping people
into a searchable list of classmates for a given class year in a
particular school, so those instructions have been removed.)

But - be sure to choose Brainerd Senior High in Brainerd, and
not the one in Tennessee!

Procedure to set up an "Alternate Name" in parentheses
(Useful for maiden names so classmates know who you are)
(See Rosanne Suomala (Rosanne LaDouceur) for an example.)

1) Click on down-arrow in Facebook top menu bar.
2) Click on Settings - will open with General Account Settings.
3) Click on "Edit" on the "Name" line to display the options.
4) Click on "Add other names".
5) Click on "Add a nickname ...".
6) Select "Maiden Name" from "Name Type" pulldown list.
7) Type in your full maiden name in the "Name" box.
8) Click on "Save Changes" button to submit it.


If there are names missing from this list, drop us a line.

Jim Bollinger & Jackie Brumlic
Robert Bollum & Nancy Sterling
Robert Bollum & Tanya Thompson
Dave Carlson & Patsy Lind
Clint Deuel & Kathy Johnston
Cris Drake & Cheri Shew
Roger Freeman & Mary Molin
Jerry Gibbons & Nancy Sterling
Mark Gray & Cathy Vuchetich
Mark Helmke & Linda Gau
Joe Herder & Sue Garvey
David Hurd & Theresa Albertson
Gary Kanne & Terri Byer
Jeff Koep & Julie Castle
Craig Magnan & Barb Dahl
Chuck Miller & Kathy Marvin
Mark Montgomery & Janelle Jordan
Doug Moss & Mary Blakeman
Dick Nesheim & Deb Nagel
Jerry Nimeth & Lynn Sorsveen
JP Whalen & Donna Winkelman
Robert Young & Shelley Schuety

For the Classmate Information below:

The icon is linked to that classmate's Facebook page.

The icon indicates that the classmate is deceased.

The icon indicates that we have an email address for that classmate for sending updates.

The icon indicates that we have a postal address for that classmate for sending updates.

The icon indicates that we have a phone number for that classmate but no email or postal address.

The icon is linked to the 1970 yearbook class picture page on which that classmate appears.
"Nopic" is linked to the list of Seniors Not Pictured.
"NotIn" listed in Commencement but not in 1970 yearbook.

     Name In Yearbook
(Current Name)
  Notes about this classmate
 George Ackerson
 Carol "Boots" Adair
(Carol "Boots" Spande)
 Debra Adams 68 yrbk pic p181
Nopic  Kris Adams
(Kris Dieter)
69 yrbk pic p171
 Nancy Adamson
(Nancy Johnson)
 Dale Albertson Deceased
 Theresa Albertson
(Theresa Hurd)
 Coralee Albrecht
(Coralee Cronin)
 Lynda Alderman
(Lynda Kirkham)
 Jerry Allord
 Doug Amerud Deceased
 Karen Amundson
(Karen Cotton)
 Paul Amundson 69 yrbk pic p171
 Barb Anderson
(Barb Thul)
 Charles "Charlie" Anderson
 Gene Anderson
 Joanne "Jodi" Anderson
(Joanne "Jodi" Warnemunde)
 Katherine "Kay" Anderson
(Katherine "Kay" Oling)
 Laura Anderson
(Laura Syrdal)
 Merry Anderson
 Rex "Andy" Anderson Deceased
 Steve Anderson
 John "Jack" Arnold
 Barb Ashley
(Barb Anderson)
 Gwen Asp
 Phil Aune 68 yrbk pic p181, moved in 11th grade
 Mike Bade
 Sue Baillif
(Sue Bowman)
 John Bajula 68 yrbk no pic
 James Ball
NotIn  Debra Barto
(Debra Herrli)
 Judy Baskin
(Judy Weed)
69 yrbk pic p171, Deceased
Nopic  Steve Basore
 Gayle Beach
(Gayle Jensen)
68 yrbk pic p181, Deceased
 Linda Beach
(Linda Sweeney)
69 yrbk pic p171
 Bruce Becker
 Bruce "Brewey" Benjamin
 Danny Benjamin 69 yrbk pic p171, Deceased
 Greg "Bucky" Benson Deceased
 Jill Berczyk
(Jill Compton)
 Jerry Berg 68 yrbk pic p181
 David Berry
Nopic  Jack Berry 69 yrbk pic p171
 Leslie Berso 68 yrbk no pic
Nopic  Pat Besmehn 69 yrbk pic p171
 Harry Billman 68 yrbk pic p181, Deceased
 Keith Billman
 Dennis Bjorklund
 Mary Blakeman
(Mary Moss)
 Jeanne Bland 69 yrbk pic p172
 Valerie Blocker
(Valerie Castle)
 Ronald Blomlie 68 yrbk pic p181
 Steve Bock
 Neal Boeder
 Jim Bollinger
 Bob Bollum
 Renae Borders
 Steve Borders
 Bruce Bourassa
 Sandra Bourassa
(Sandra Tolbert)
 Kathleen Brandl
(Kathleen Clair)
 John "Chris" Brandt
 Keith Brauns
 Mike Brick
 Wayne Britton 68 yrbk no pic
 Dennis Brown
 Jacqueline Brumlic
(Jacqueline Bollinger)
 Peggy Buresh
(Peggy Andres)
 Tom "Burtie" Burton
 Karen Bye
(Karen Smith)
 Terri Byer
(Terri Kanne)
 Melinda Cain
(Melinda Kessel)
 Nanci Cain
(Nanci Lind)
 David Calkins
 Clyde Campbell
 Dave Carlson
 Doug Carlson
 Richard Carlson
 Robert Carlson
 Julie Castle
(Julie Koep)
 Linda Caughey
(Linda Wehseler)
 Deb Chadwick
(Deb Whitlock)
 Paz Chaigneau
 Dave "Power" Cheney
 Susan Cheney
 Danny Chisholm
 Mel Christopherson
 Patti Collett
(Patti Norris)
68 yrbk pic p182, Deceased
 Denny Collette
 Henry "Hank" Collins 69 yrbk pic p172
 Rosemary Collins
(Rosemary Mantz)
 Jan Conkins
(Jan McArthur)
 JoElla "Jody" Converse
 Connie Cooley
 Robert Coolidge 68 yrbk pic p182, sp wrong in yrbk Collidge, Deceased
 Penny Cordingly 68 yrbk pic p182
 George Cossette
 Herbert "Buzz" Cowell 68 yrbk pic p182, Deceased
 Linda Cowell
(Linda Wilson)
Nopic  Kevin Crosby 68 yrbk pic p172
 Bob Cummins
 Barb Dahl
(Barb Magnan)
 Steve Dahlen
 Jenny Dashorst
(Jenny Bakken)
 Candy Davis
(Candy Verke)
 Chere Davis
(Chere Chisholm)
69 yrbk pic p172
 Linda Davis 68 yrbk pic p182, Deceased
 Joe Dechaine Deceased
 Cindy Denniston
(Cindy Moberg)
 Bev Derksen 69 yrbk pic p173
 James DeRosier 68 yrbk no pic
 Larry DeRosier
 Leon DeRosier Deceased
 Richard "Rick" DeRosier
 Clinton Deuel 69 yrbk pic p173
 Michael Dieter 68 yrbk no pic, Deceased
 Susan Dieter
(Susan Shields)
68 yrbk no pic, Deceased
 Glenda Dircks
(Glenda Hayes)
 Judy Dircks
(Judy Isackson)
 Teresa Disrud
(Teresa Walter)
 Jean Dixon
 Sue Doboshinski
(Sue Bock)
69 yrbk pic p173
 Marn Downes
 Shawn "Blow" Downes
 Criston "Cris" Drake Deceased
 Candy Driscoll 69 yrbk pic p173
 Ross Duda Deceased
Nopic  Francis "Gene" Eberly 69 yrbk pic p173, Deceased
 Sue Ebert
(Sue Knabe)
 Barb Eiden
(Barb Molinaro)
 Karen Eksten
(Karen Vaccaro)
68 yrbk pic p183
 Pam "Madhu" Eksten
(Pam "Madhu" Bhat)
 Gary Elg
 Rhonda Elkins
(Rhonda Hawkinson)
 Harley Ellis
 Margie Ellis
 Don "Goat" Endres Deceased
 Lora Engbretson
(Lora Yeager)
 Craig Engelhart
 Jack Engholm
 Diane Erickson
(Diane Mcgowen)
 Richard Erickson
 Bob Erkens 69 yrbk pic p173
 Kevin Eschenbacher
 Susan Eue
(Susan Shir)
 Wanda Evans 68 yrbk pic p183
 Paul Evenson
 Debra Every
 John Falenschek
 Mary Fallon
(Mary Parsons)
 Gary Field
 Doug Fieldman 69 yrbk pic p173
 Greg Finch
Nopic  Greg Fisher 69 yrbk pic p173
Nopic  Jim Fitch 69 yrbk pic p173
 Nancy Flansburg
(Nancy Beard)
 Bruce Fox
 Karen Francis
(Karen Nygaard)
69 yrbk pic p173
 Steve Frasl
 Alan Freeman Deceased
 Roger Freeman
 Hans Frei
 Mariann Fuhrmann
(Mariann Shariff)
sp wrong in yrbk Fuhrman
 Kathy "Gak" Gakin
(Kathy "Gak" Muelhausen)
 Robbi Gallant
 Gary "Gammy" Gamradt
 Brenda Gangestad
(Brenda Peterson)
 Brad "Gardie" Gardner
 Sue Garvey
(Sue Herder)
 Karen Gau
(Karen Backstrom)
68 yrbk pic p183
 Linda Gau
(Linda Gau Fields)
 Charlotte Gauvin
(Charlotte Tomassoni)
 Dean Gerdes
 Jerry Gibbons 69 yrbk pic p174
 Sonja Gilbertson
(Sonja Erickson)
 Glenda Goble
(Glenda Hayes)
Nopic  Chuck Goninan 69 yrbk pic p174, Deceased
Nopic  James Gorron 69 yrbk pic p174, Deceased
 Chuck Gosen Deceased
 Glenda Grams
(Glenda Hoheisel)
 Glenna "Clem" Graves
(Glenna "Clem" Clemmer)
 Mark Gray
 John Gregersen sp wrong in yrbk Gregerson
 Nancy Gulbrandson
 Judy Gustafson Deceased
 Mark Gustafson
 Christine Hagberg 68 yrbk pic p183
 Jeff Haglin
 Sharon Halgerson
(Sharon Christensen)
 Dave Hallgren
 Alvin "Snorky" Halstead 69 yrbk pic p174
 Jeanne Hansen
(Jeanne Rosauer)
Moved away after 6th grade
 Sherrie Hansen
(Sherrie Kunkel)
 David Hanson 68 yrbk no pic
 Diane Hanson
(Diane Thoe)
 Jackie Hanson Deceased
 Kevin Hanson Deceased
 Lillian Hanson 68 yrbk no pic
 Paul Hanson
 Shireen Harris
 Joe Harting
 Barb Hartley
(Barb Marohn)
 Larry Hartman
 Lynn Haugene
(Lynn Brick)
 Dean Hazuka
 Kathy Heikkenen
(Kathy Paulson)
 Brad Helland
Nopic  Mark Helmke 69 yrbk pic p174, Deceased
Nopic  Dave Helstrom 69 yrbk pic p174
 Dave "Fridley" Henderson
 Debi Hendricks
(Debi Brandl)
 Doreen Henkemeyer
(Doreen Gerwing)
 Celeste Henry
(Celeste Gallant)
 Joe Herder
 Jim Herman
 Mike Herron Deceased
 Shirley Hertel
(Shirley Baumgartner)
 Bruce "Broozer" Hill
 Carol Hines
 Jeanne Hines 68 yrbk pic p183
 Tim "Humper" Holden
NotIn  Harold "Chip" Holk Deceased
 Dale Holmes Deceased
 Roy Holmes sp wrong in yrbk Raymond, Deceased
 Kerry Holmgren
 Carolyn Holsapple 68 yrbk pic p184
 Nancy Houle
(Nancy Peterson)
 Ron Houske
 Bob Howard
Nopic  Vicki Huber
(Vicki Keller)
69 yrbk pic p174
 David Hurd 69 yrbk pic p174
 Mary "Mare" Hurd
(Mary "Mare" Holen)
 Barb Huston
 Susan Imgrund (Died in 9th grade), Deceased
 Tom Imgrund
 Mark Innes
 Chuck Isackson
 Phyllis Isle
(Phyllis Wilkins)
 Dick Jacobson
 Rosemary Jarnot
(Rosemary Kretzman)
 Tom Jelacie
 Margo Jennison
(Margo Ways)
 Dennis Jessen
 John Jessen
 Deb Johnson
(Deb Smith)
 Duane Johnson
 Gary Johnson Deceased
 Gregg Johnson
 Shirley Johnson
(Shirley Fenlason)
 Steve Johnson
 Kathy Johnston
(Kathy Deuel)
 Sheryl Jones 68 yrbk no pic
 Janelle "Jill" Jordan
(Janelle "Jill" Montgomery)
 Jeff Jordan
 Margie Jordan
(Margie Burgstaler)
 Clinton Juaire
 Lyle Juaire
 Dean Junker
 Karen Kading
(Karen Lutterman)
 Stella Kaminski
(Stella Johnson)
69 yrbk pic p175, Deceased
 Gary Kanne Deceased
 Mary "Schnook" Karnowski
(Mary "Schnook" Hanson)
 Jody King 68 yrbk pic p185
 Gary Kinney 69 yrbk pic p175, Deceased
 Frances Kippley 68 yrbk no pic
 Chris Kirkham
(Chris Woods)
Nopic  Brian Kirkpatrick
 Kurt "Kit Kurtleson" Kittleson
 Bill "Wully" Klein
 Lois Kleinschmidt
(Lois Hoppes)
 Steve Kleinschmidt
 Brad Knight Deceased
 Glen Knowlen
 Karl Knudsen sp wrong in yrbk Knudson
 Jeff Koep
 Chris Kokesh
 Karen "Kooper" Koop
(Karen "Kooper" Cheney)
 Diane "Pudgit" Kostek
 John Kostek 68 yrbk pic p185, Deceased
 Art Kounkel
 Tom Kraklau 68 yrbk no pic
 Jeff Kramer
 Marilee Kramer
(Marilee Lockwood)
 Wes Kropuenske 69 yrbk pic p176, Deceased
 Gene Kucera
 Joan Kunde
(Joan Haff)
 Roberta Kundert 69 yrbk pic p176
Nopic  Stephanie Kurz 69 yrbk pic p171, Maiden name was Aumock
Nopic  Debra Kyar 69 yrbk pic p176
 Rosanne LaDouceur
(Rosanne Suomala)
 Jeff Lambert
 Tom Lander
 Dan Larson
 Kathleen Larson
(Kathleen Kraklau)
 Mike Laughlin
 Vickie Laurian
(Vickie Otto)
Nopic  Steven LaValle 69 yrbk pic p176
Nopic  Tom LaValle 69 yrbk pic p176
 Sandy LaVassor
(Sandy Zugschwert)
Nopic  David "Punky" Leaf 69 yrbk pic p176, Deceased
 Carol LeBlanc
(Carol Moore)
Nopic  Dave LeDoux 69 yrbk pic p176
 Monica Lemm
(Monica DeBiase)
68 yrbk pic p185
 Gordon Leonard
 Sheila Leonard 69 yrbk pic p176
Nopic  Stella LeSuer 69 yrbk pic p176
 Margaret "Peggy" Liemandt
(Margaret "Peggy" Mangeracina)
 Patsy Lind
(Patsy Carlson)
 Ray "Sunshine" Lindberg
 Eric Liners 69 yrbk pic p176
Nopic  Greg Lippert 69 yrbk pic p176, Deceased
 Donna Livermore
(Donna Kenyon)
 Diane Lockwood
(Diane Bryant)
 Suzanne "Mort" Lockwood
NotIn  Mark Lofquist
 Curt Loisel
 Arlene "Arnold" Lovsted sp wrong in yrbk Lovstead
 Michael Lowe
 Penny Lucier
 Mike Lundeby
 Kathy Lutz
 Aletha MacArthur
(Aletha Cunz)
 Andrew MacCarthy 68 yrbk no pic
 Craig MacDonald 68 yrbk no pic
 Craig "Tanker" Magnan
 Marlene Magnan 68 yrbk no pic
 Vic Manifold
 Kathy Marvin
(Kathy Miller)
 Elaine "Lenny" Matos
(Elaine "Lenny" Christensen)
68 yrbk pic p185
 Terry Matthews 69 yrbk pic p176
 Mary McComas Deceased
 Glenna McFarlin
(Glenna Falk)
 Richard McKay
 Mike McKee
 Tom McKinzie
 Sue McPherson
 Linda Merta
(Linda Beach)
69 yrbk pic p176, Deceased
 Bonnie Meyer
(Bonnie Powers)
 Connie "Auntie" Meyer
 John Meyer 68 yrbk pic p185
 Mark Miles
 Chuck Miller
 Faye Miller
(Faye Anderson)
 Vicki Miller
Nopic  Joe Mills 69 yrbk pic p176
 Craig Mitchell
 Mary Molin
(Mary Freeman)
 Lisa Molstad
(Lisa Falenschek)
 Mark Montgomery
 Pat "Bak" Morgan Deceased
 Mark Morris
Nopic  Doug Moss 69 yrbk pic p176
 Scott Moyer 68 yrbk pic p186
NotIn  Westel Mulholland
 Dennis Murphy Deceased
 Chris Mutsch
(Chris Sohn)
 Debra Nagel
(Debra Nesheim)
 Bonnie "Bumper" Nelson Deceased
 Craig Nelson
 Darlene Nelson
(Darlene Swedin)
 Geraldine Nelson 69 yrbk pic p177
 James "Willard" Nelson
 Patricia Nelson
 Richard "Sniff" Nesheim
 Jo Marie Neuenfeldt
(Jo Marie Holder)
 Barb Newman
(Barb High)
 Debra Newman
(Debra Soens)
 Diana Niederer
(Diana Fitzpatrick)
 Steve Nielsen
 Don Niles 69 yrbk pic p177, Deceased
NotIn  Gerald "Jerry" Nimeth 69 yrbk pic p177
 Carla Nisle
(Carla Berkler)
Nopic  Ron Noakes 69 yrbk pic p177
 Mary Pat Nolan
(Mary Pat Grigsby)
 Dick Noreen
 Dave Nygaard
 Norene Nylund
(Norene Warta)
Maiden name was Bartz
 Elsa Nysather
(Elsa Weiss)
 Arvid Ohlin 68 yrbk pic p186, Deceased
 Louise Ohnstad 68 yrbk pic p186
 Mary O'Leary 69 yrbk pic p177
 Tom Olsen
 Leatte Olson
(Leatte Zilka)
68 yrbk pic p186
 Tonia Olson
(Tonia Barstad)
 Vickie Olson
(Vickie Pavlacky)
 Tim O'Reilly Deceased
 Rick "Ozie" Oseland
 William "Bill" Owen Deceased
Nopic  Bruce Paine 69 yrbk pic p177
 Linda Palmer
 Teresa Palmquist
 Brad Paulson Deceased
 Ray Paulson
 Robin Paulson Deceased
 Ann Pavlacky
(Ann Reynolds)
 Nancy Pedersen sp wrong in yrbk Pederson
 Donna Pederson
(Donna Miller)
Nopic  Robert Persons 69 yrbk pic p177
 Cheryl Petersen
(Cheryl Anderson)
sp wrong in yrbk Peterson
 Greg "Pete" Petersen sp wrong in yrbk Peterson
 Debra Peterson
(Debra Johnson Shea)
 Linnie Peterson 68 yrbk no pic
 Mary Peterson 68 yrbk pic p187
 Randy Peterson Deceased
 Robert Peterson
 Linnie Pickar 68 yrbk pic p187
 John Piehl
 Roseann Pierzinski
(Roseann Johnson)
sp wrong in yrbk Perzinski
 Sally Pint
(Sally Schneider)
 Jerome Posel
 Merideth "Meridee" Potter
(Merideth "Meridee" Jorgenson)
 Fred Potthoff
Nopic  Bruce Potvin 69 yrbk pic p177, Deceased
 Mike Powers
 Arlen Praska 68 yrbk pic p187
 James Pulak
 Russell Pulak
 Wendy Ramsdell
(Wendy Wickman)
69 yrbk pic p177, Deceased
 Don Range
 Linda Range
(Linda Burke)
 Kent Rangen
 Ron Rardin
Nopic  Pat Rasinski 69 yrbk pic p177
 Cheryl "C Rau" Rau
(Cheryl "C Rau" Tallant)
 Kathleen "Kate" Reed
(Kathleen "Kate" Schmalenberg)
NotIn  Dave Reetz 69 yrbk pic p177
 Gary Reier Deceased
NotIn  Mary Reineke
(Mary Donnelly)
69 yrbk pic p177, Donnely at graduation
 Julia Reuter
(Julia Lueck)
68 yrbk pic p187
 Mark Rian Deceased
 Suzanne Ribbel
(Suzanne Frambers)
 Richard Rizzio 68 yrbk pic p187
 Curt "Pud" Roller Deceased
 Sue Roohr
(Sue Faust)
 Kathleen Rose 68 yrbk pic p187
 Paula Rosvold
(Paula Harting)
 Marvin Rubbelke
Nopic  Jerry "Riot" Rubin
 Debbie Rude 69 yrbk pic p177
 Cyndi Russell
(Cyndi Leonard)
 Sandy Sachs
(Sandy Elijah)
 Judy Sander
(Judy Misener)
 Keith Sather Deceased
 Gerald Savor
 Jeff Schaap 69 yrbk pic p177
 Mark Schaefer
 Ted Schaefer
Nopic  Brian Schiller 69 yrbk pic p178
Nopic  Larry Schindeldecker 69 yrbk pic p178
 Dave Schmalenberg
 Mary "Schnick" Schnickels
(Mary "Schnick" Scanlon)
 Mike Schuety Deceased
 Shelley Schuety
(Shelley Young)
 Jeanette Schulke
(Jeanette Ruff)
 Don Schultes
 Richard Schultz
 JoAnne Schulz
(JoAnne Pomerleau)
sp wrong in yrbk Schultz
 Gerilyn Schwagerl
(Gerilyn Kellerman)
 Richard "Rick" Scruggs
 Bruce Segler
 Linda Seline
(Linda Theisse)
 Ray Sewell
 Twyla Shellum
(Twyla Flaws)
sp wrong in yrbk Schellum
 Kenn Shepherd
 Cheryl "Cheri" Shew
(Cheryl "Cheri" Drake)
 Roger Shogren 69 yrbk pic p178
 Roberta Simmonds
(Roberta Wagner)
sp wrong in yrbk Simmons, Deceased
 Don Smith
 Katherine Smith
(Katherine Wood)
69 yrbk pic p178, Deceased
 Kathleen Smith
(Kathleen Webb)
 Penny Smith 68 yrbk pic p187
 Al Soderlund Deceased
 Kathleen "Kathy" Sorensen
(Kathleen "Kathy" Jenkins)
 Lynn Sorsveen
(Lynn Nimeth)
 Carol Stafsberg
(Carol Peterson)
 Suzanne Steinke
(Suzanne Krueger)
 Nancy Sterling
(Nancy Gibbons)
 Kathleen Stetler
(Kathleen Pies Russell)
 Richard Stillwell Deceased
 Truett "Stoney" Stoneberg
 Robert Storry 68 yrbk no pic
 Kathy Streiff
(Kathy Longfellow)
 Kevin "Herby" Stunek
 Audrey Svir
(Audrey Huber)
 Gary Sycks 69 yrbk pic p178
 George Thesing Deceased
 Gregory Thesing
Nopic  Michael Thoe 69 yrbk pic p178
 David Thompson
 Guy "Canuk" Thompson Deceased
 Louis Thompson
 Paula Thompson
(Paula Benschoter)
 Tanya Thompson
(Tanya Bollum)
 Pat Thon
(Pat Scrimshaw)
 Lorena Tougas
 Dean Traynor 69 yrbk pic p178, Deceased
 Bob Tromblay
 Wiljo "Willie" Tuomi
 Wendie Turcotte
(Wendie Johnson)
 Jane Twombly
(Jane Trahms)
 Mark Ulm
 Marilyn Underwood
(Marilyn LaPlant)
 John Van Essen
 Vicki Vargo 69 yrbk pic p178
 Pat Verke
(Pat Rivers)
68 yrbk pic p187
 Mary Vickerman
(Mary Anderson)
 Vicky Viehauser Deceased
 Wade Viehauser
 Bonnie Volkl
(Bonnie Popp)
Nopic  John Vollmer 69 yrbk pic p179
 Barb Voss
(Barb Bergwall)
 Cathy Vuchetich
(Cathy Gray)
 Vicky Warner 69 yrbk pic p179
 JoEllen Warrick
(JoEllen Overholt)
Nopic  Warren Wasson 69 yrbk pic p179
 Curt Watson Deceased
 Margaret Weatherbee 69 yrbk pic p179, Deceased
 John Weinhandl
 John Weiske
 Rick Weiss
 Diane Welton
(Diane Roberts)
 Steve Wessman
 James "JP" Whalen Deceased
 David Wheat Deceased
 Mary Whitney
(Mary Paine)
 Vicki Whoolery
(Vicki Seeck)
 Dennis Wickham
 Janet "Jan" Widmark
(Janet "Jan" Moore)
 Mary "Wiker" Wik
(Mary "Wiker" Gonser)
 Mark Williams
 Stella Wilson 69 yrbk no pic
 Michael Wing
 Donna "Donnie" Winkelman
(Donna "Donnie" Whalen)
Nopic  Jonathan Winterfeldt 69 yrbk pic p179
 David Wise Deceased
 Mary Wood
 Linda Wroolie
(Linda Paige)
 Nancy "Nan" Wutzke
(Nancy "Nan" Swenson)
 Doug Yeager
 Robert Young 68 yrbk pic p189, Deceased

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