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Departed Class of 1970 Classmates

Home of The Brainerd Warriors
Updated July 07, 2024

This page is dedicated to all our classmates
who have shuffled off this mortal coil.

Most of the pre-2010 obituaries were provided by Deb Johnson Smith.

Please contact us (see menu at left) to let us know of any obituaries that you may have.
Or, if you can provide a death date, we can look for an obituary online or in microfilm.

In the list of names, below:

[OBIT] means Obit is scanned and online.
[OBIT] means Obit is scanned and online (and you've seen it).
[OBIT] means we don't have an Obit.
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New! Added since January 1, 2022.
107 of our classmates have passed away – 82 of them are from the '70 yearbook.

Dale Albertson New! – d.24 Nov 2020, age 69 –Died in St. Could from Covid-19 [Dispatch]
Theresa Albertson New! – d.28 Oct 2015, age 63 –Died in St. Cloud, MN [HJFH]
Doug Amerud New! – d.04 Apr 2017, age 64 –Died in Henderson, NV [Funeral Home]
Laura Anderson – d.08 Mar 1981, age 28 –Died in Colfax, WI, four days after giving birth [OBIT]
Rex Anderson New! – d.25 Jan 2020, age 67 –Died in Tavernier, FL, from kidney failure [OBIT]
Judy Baskin New! – d.09 Feb 1978, age 26 –Died in Minnepolis due to an illness [OBIT] [Findagrave]
Gayle Beach New! – d.15 Dec 2010, age 59 –Died at her home in Brainerd [OBIT]
Danny Benjamin – d.01 Feb 2005, age 54 –Died in Brainerd after years of poor health [OBIT] [Article]
Gregory Benson – d.12 Jun 1974, age 22 –Traffic accident near Brainerd [OBIT]
Harry Billman New! – d.29 Feb 2020, age 69 –Passed away while in hospice in Brainerd [NDFH]
Renae Borders New! – d.18 May 2024, age 71 –Died unexpectedly at home in Brainerd [Brenny FH]
Danny Chisholm New! – d.22 Jun 2024, age 72 –Died after a battle with cancer [HJFH]
Patricia Collett – d.23 Oct 1995, age 43 –Traffic accident near Brainerd [OBIT]
Rosemary Collins New! – d.19 Feb 2017, age 64 –Died at home in North Sioux City, SD [Article]
Robert Coolidge New! – d.06 Feb 2020, age 67 –Died while traveling to MN from AZ [WashburnFH] [Boxing Tribute]
Herbert Cowell New! – d.03 Jun 2015, age 66 –Died in Cloquet [OBIT]
Linda Davis New! – d.14 Jul 2017, age 64 –Died in Fargo, ND [Funeral Home]
Joseph DeChaine – d.17 Aug 1975, age 25 –Coroner: Self-inflicted gunshot wound [OBIT]
Cindy Denniston New! – d.19 Aug 2017, age 65 –Fought a good fight against pancreatic cancer [HJFH]
Leon DeRosier New! – d.06 Apr 2007, age 56 –Died of kidney failure in Mahnomen, MN [Article]
Michael Dieter – d.05 Jan 1970, age 17 –Froze to death in alley in Brainerd [OBIT]
Susan Dieter – d.01 Dec 1989, age 38 –Died at her home in East Gull Lake [OBIT]
Glenda Dircks – d.09 Feb 2002, age 46 –Died of cancer at St. Joseph's Medical Center [OBIT]
Criston Drake – d.15 May 2007, age 55 –Died at Abbot Hosp in Mpls after 9 years of poor health [OBIT]
Ross Duda New! – d.22 May 2020, age 68 –Passed away from cancer while in hospice in Seattle [Article]
Francis "Gene" Eberly– d.16 Jan 2010, age 57 –"Quietly passed away" in California [OBIT] [Article]
Barb Eiden New! – d.15 Feb 2014, age 62 –Died unexpectedly from rare complications of chemotherapy [Article]
Don Endres New! – d.31 Jan 2016, age 64 –Emphysema and COPD [Article]
Kevin Eschenbacher New! – d.07 Mar 2024, age 71 –Died in Brainerd [Brenny FH]
Alan Freeman New! – d.27 Nov 2015, age 64 –Died in Bloomington, MN [OBIT]
Sue Garvey New! – d.21 Nov 2018, age 67 –Died in Fergus Falls, MN [Funeral Home]
Charlotte Gauvin New! – d.17 Oct 2022, age 70 –Died at home in Chisholm, MN [Findagrave]
Glenda Goble – d.05 Sep 1998, age 46 –Heart attack at her home in Hillman, MN [OBIT]
Chuck Goninan – d.19 Jun 2010, age 60 –Died at Trinity Hospital in Minot, ND [OBIT]
James Gorron New! – d.12 Jan 2018, age 66 –Died while in hospice [Findagrave]
Charles Gosen – d.03 Jan 2010, age 57 –Died in Acworth, GA [OBIT]
Judy Gustafson New! – d.21 Dec 2009, age 57 –Died in Prescott, AZ [Article]
Jackie Hanson New! – d.16 Nov 2014, age 62 –Died suddenly [Article]
Kevin Hanson New! – d.17 Oct 2013, age 61 –Died in Mankato, MN [Funeral Home]
Larry Hartman New! – d.27 Dec 2023, age 71 –Died from cancer in Crosby, MN [Koop Funeral Home]
Mark Helmke – d.09 Jun 2010, age 58 –Died at Pipestone County Hospice House, Pipestone, MN [OBIT]
Mike Herron – d.06 Jul 1980, age 28 –Shot during an altercation at a party in Duluth [OBIT]
Harold "Chip" Holk New! – d.10 Sep 2022, age 69 –Died at St. Joseph's Medical Center [Article]
Dale Holmes New! – d.31 Dec 2021, age 70 –Died at his home near Fulda, MN [TotzkeFH]
Roy Holmes New! – d.20 Feb 2000, age 48 –Died in Lowellville, OH [OBIT]
Susan Imgrund – d.28 May 1967, age 15 –Complications from mononucleosis [OBIT]
Rosemary Jarnot – d.28 Dec 1986, age 34 –Died of cancer at University Hospitals in Mpls [OBIT]
John Jessen New! – d.15 Dec 2023, age 71 –Died from cancer at home in Pillager, MN [BrennyFH]
Gary Johnson New! – d.18 Nov 2012, age 60 –Died at home in Brainerd [HJFH]
Stella Kaminski New! – d.23 Jul 2020, age 69 –Died in Brainerd [OBIT]
Gary Kanne New! – d.12 Jul 2021, age 69 –Died in Aitkin from a heart condition [SRTFH]
Gary Kinney New! – d.24 Jul 2017, age 66 –Lost a valiant battle with cancer [HJFH]
Brad Knight New! – d.04 Apr 2008, age 55 –Died in Colorado - predeceased mother [Mother's Obit]
Karen Koop New! – d.23 Oct 2023, age 71 –Died from colon cancer at SJMC in Brainerd [NDFH]
John Kostek New! – d.21 Jun 1994, age 46 –Died in Aitkin [OBIT]
Marilee Kramer New! – d.11 Feb 2017, age 64 –Passed away peacefully in Brainerd [HJFH]
Wes Kropuenske New! – d.20 May 2022, age 71 –Died in Randall, MN [BrennyFH]
David Leaf – d.27 Jun 2002, age 50 –Died of multiple organ failure after a short illness in Georgia [OBIT]
Grep Lippert New! – d.06 Oct 2015, age 63 –Passed away in Lincoln, NE [RoperFH] [Findagrave]
Diane Lockwood New! – d.11 Jul 2013, age 60 –Passed away in Brainerd [OBIT]
Suzanne Lockwood New! – d.05 Sep 2023, age 70 –Passed away at Harmony House in Brainerd [Findagrave]
Mary McComas New! – d.08 Jan 2022, age 69 –Passed away in West Fargo, ND [WestFH]
Sue McPherson New! – d.22 Nov 2023, age 71 –Died from lung cancer at home in Pillager, MN [HalvorsonTaylorFH]
Linda Merta New! – d.05 Jan 2020, age 67 –Passed away at her home in Pillager [BrennyFH]
Pat Morgan – d.15 Jul 1974, age 22 –Automobile accident east of Deerwood [OBIT]
Dennis Murphy – d.17 Dec 1970, age 20 –Died at his home "in ill health for some time" [OBIT]
Debra Nagel – d.03 Aug 2004, age 52 –Heart attack at her home in Brainerd [OBIT]
Bonnie Nelson New! – d.28 Jan 2019, age 66 –Passed away in Brainerd [Article]
Don Niles – d.19 Apr 2008, age 55 –Died at his home in Brainerd [OBIT]
Arvid Ohlin – d.20 Jul 1992, age 39 –Died from complications following a traffic accident [OBIT]
William Owen New! – d.21 Jul 2019, age 66 –Died at home in Brainerd froom early Alzheimers [OBIT]
Tim O'Reilly – d.19 Apr 1996, age 44 –Heart attack at his home in Plymouth, MN [OBIT]
Brad Paulson New! – d.23 Jan 2018, age 65 –Died at his home in Brainerd [NDFH]
Robin Paulson New! – d.31 Mar 2014, age 62 –Died in Tennessee [NDFH]
Randy Peterson – d.13 Jul 2007, age 55 –Died at Fairview University Medical Center in Mpls [OBIT]
Sally Pint New! – d.09 Oct 2016, age 65 –Died at home in Baxter [Article]
Bruce Potvin New! – d.28 Jun 2017, age 65 –Died in Brainerd [NDFH]
Wendy Ramsdell – d.07 Jan 1994, age 41 –Car-train accident west of Staples [OBIT]
Don Range New! – d.09 Feb 2024, age 73 –Passed away in Salem, OR [OBIT] [Findagrave]
Gary Reier – d.01 Mar 1992, age 40 –Died in Hibbing, MN [OBIT] [Findagrave]
Mark Rian New! – d.16 Oct 2021, age 70 –Died at home in Royalton, MN [Emblom-Brenny]
Curt Roller – d.16 Jan 2002, age 50 –Died in St. Anthony Village [OBIT] [SSDI]
Sandra Sachs New! – d.02 Nov 2020, age 68 –Passed away at home in Seattle [Dispatch]
Keith Sather New! – d.14 May 2012, age 59 –Passed away in Seattle from a "massive" stroke [Article]
Michael Schuety New! – d.26 Aug 2021, age 68 –Died at Mayo after a battle with AML Leukemia [NDFH]
Roberta Simmonds – d.18 Feb 1993, age 40 –Shot during armed robbery at Burger King in St. Paul [OBIT]
Katherine Smith New! – d.21 Nov 2021, age 70 –Passed away at United Hospital in St. Paul [HalvorsonTaylorFH]
Allen Soderlund New! – d.21 Aug 2019, age 67 –Died in Milbank, SD [Funeral Home]
Kathy Sorensen New! – d.05 Nov 2021, age 70 –Died in a car accident in Red Lake county, MN [Funeral Home]
Richard Stillwell New! – d.24 Feb 2020, age 69 –Died from Alzheimer's Disease in Princeton, MN [Article]
Gary Sycks New! – d.15 Dec 2022, age 71 –Passed away unexpectedly in Wyoming, MN [Legacy Remembers]
George Thesing – d.20 Nov 1994, age 42 –Died at a hospital in Milbank, SD [OBIT]
Guy Thompson Updated! – d.20 Aug 1989, age 38 –Died in a motorcycle accident in Saskatchewan [Findagrave]
Tanya Thompson New! – d.19 Oct 2023, age 71 –Died at home in Baxter [Dispatch]
Dean Traynor – d.26 Nov 2007, age 56 –Died in Merrifield at the home of his caregivers [OBIT]
Marilyn Underwood New! – d.12 Dec 2014, age 62 –Died in a Care Center in St. Paul [OBIT]
Vicky Viehauser – d.03 Apr 2006, age 54 –Passed unexpectedly but peacefully in Texas [OBIT]
Bonnie Volkl New! – d.10 Jul 2022, age 70 –Passed away at home in Rice, MN from Parkinson's [DingmanFH]
Curt Watson New! – d.26 Nov 2018, age 67 –Passed away at his home in Merrifield [Article]
Margaret "Meg" Wetherbee New! – d.15 Aug 2016, age 64 –Passed away after a courageous battle with cancer [Article]
James "JP" Whalen New! – d.22 Nov 2020, age 68 –Passed away while in hospice for ALS in Baxter [BrennyFH]
David Wheat – d.17 Nov 1976, age 24 –Died in Minneapolis [OBIT]
Mary Whitney New! – d.27 Jan 2012, age 60 –Passed away at her home in Brainerd [OBIT] [Article]
Vicki Whoolery New! – d.08 Jan 2021, age 68 –Passed away in her sleep at home in Bettendorf, IA [OBIT]
Donna Winkelman New! – d.23 Dec 2020, age 69 –Passed away after an infection led to complications [BrennyFH]
David Wise New! – d.06 Jan 2021, age 69 –Passed away after a courageous battle with cancer [HalvorsonTaylorFH]
Robert Young – d.12 Apr 1997, age 45 –Skydiving accident in Wisconsin [OBIT] [Article]

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